Download Instander APK v18.0 [Official MOD of Instagram]

Do you want to preview the media files before uploading or downloading them on Instagram? Are you searching for an amazing mod version that has stats analysis options for better progress? There is a fantastic Instagram APK version that is Instander APK. 

Instander APK is an unofficial but outstanding app with a wide range of features integrated into its development. These features make the app smoother and more progressive. Users may enjoy the app’s features, such as media preview, creation of a friend list, ad customization, badge verification, back-up/restore, auto-update, Instagram activity details, wide search content, and gestured mode. 

Clone Version, No need to uninstall previous Instagram

Unclone Version, need to uninstall previous Instagram

Social media is a tool for promoting persons and businesses to the desired public. Instagram is just one of these tools that is being used by millions of people. However, due to the lack of certain options, modded versions are available for Instagram. Have you ever tried an astounding full of lots of features? Do you want to boost your Instagram experience with this Intander app? Then just let’s come together with us to enjoy the show:

Controlling the comment section, disabling viewing of stories, disabling read receipts of messages, no ads interruption, enabling ghost mode and making friend list, etc., are the new key features of this latest Instander APK. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

Additional Information

APK NameInstander
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
DeveloperThe Dise
Size 54MBs
Current Versionv18.0
Requirement9 android version
Updated Date4 Hours Ago

What’s New Added

  • In-App lock
  • Security Issue enhanced
  • Fixed Feed loading issue on specific devices.
  • Option to disable the Monet theme.
  • Chats bug removed
  • Improved readability of Alte & Hoefler New fonts.
  • New font added (Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, Persians support)
  • Monet color scheme support for Android 12+
  • Story downloader enabled
  • 60 second stories
  • Developer Mode decoder (Mobile.Config);
  • Animated Splash for Android 12+
  • Developer options

What is the difference between Clone & Unclone Instander APK?

Both Clone and Unclone are applications developed by the same developer. They share identical features, but the primary distinction lies in their package names, which enable the installation of two separate Instagram apps on a single Android smartphone.

Clone, identifiable by its package name, can be installed as a standalone application without any prerequisites.

On the other hand, Unclone is packaged as com.insta and requires the original Instagram application to be uninstalled before it can be successfully installed and used.

In summary, both Clone and Unclone provide the same functionalities but differ in their package names and installation requirements.

Why do we use the Instander?

The Instander App has additional features than the official app. So, you can enable ghost mode, create a friends list, download media, use the in-app browser, analyze data, and many more amazing features. That’s why if you want to enhance your Instagram experience and boost your profile and business, then it can facilitate you.

Instander APK Features

The main new Instander features of the APK are discussed below:

instander instagram apk download latest version
ghost mode

Ghost Mode

The ghost mode feature is a fantastic feature that makes you mysterious while using your Instagram account. Disable your online status and typing mode not to let anyone know about you using and watching their activities.
You must go to advanced settings and the “ghost mode” option. As a viewer, your presence is not tracked and known to anyone whose activity you watch.

data saving mode

Data Saving Mode

data saving mode is very useful for users with limited internet packages. They may turn off the auto-using internet items like auto-play videos, etc. With these customization features, you may enjoy Instagram for a longer period.

slide to open camera


This app got a wonderful feature called gestures, using which you can perform many dedicated tasks very efficiently. Some of the features like you can download the media by triple tap and zoom phot by long tap etc.

Instander app
download setting

Downloads of Media Files

Although Instagram is a fantastic app for enjoying millions of entertaining content in video or image formats, when we talk about downloading the photos or videos to enjoy later, Instagram lacks this feature. Many third-party downloaders allow you to download the media files from Instagram, but they frustrate us with the ads running and may contain any virus or harmful effects.
But Instander APK entertains you with the downloading option, which is quite simple and easy. Click on the three dots(available with the share option) to pop up the menu. Just tap the download option. Images or videos will be downloaded. You can download them easily without switching between the apps.

Connection with Friends:

Close Friends List

Sometimes, I want to share my posts or stories with only a select group of people instead of everyone. This could be because the content includes inside jokes that only they would understand and find funny. I have my own reasons for doing this, and I’m sure many of you have your own reasons too.
With the Instander APK, you have the ability to create a list of close friends from your followers. You can choose to share your stories exclusively with this group of people.
You have the flexibility to modify this friends list by adding or removing people whenever you want. The best part is that they won’t receive any notifications about these changes. The photos and videos you share with your friends in this list will have a special label that sets them apart from other shared files.
While the people you share with will know that you’re sharing with your close friends, they won’t be able to access the actual list. Only you can view and manage it according to your preference..

Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android-min
feed and stories

Media Preview

Another fantastic feature of Instander app is that you can preview the video/photo before download.

emoji pack

IOS Emojis Pack:

Although Instagram has a list of emojis, users should use them with more organic intentions. To use emojis that are surely more expressive than the text in Instagram, Instagram Users may enjoy the emojis pack by installing the Instander APK on their Android. These iOS emojis are much more attractive and natural.

profile insight

Data Analytics

If you understand that your data information is being collected and analyzed from your in-app activity, the user can opt to disable it in privacy settings. This feature pops up about your statistics and insights of your publications. This feature is so helpful and handy and disables it to prevent your data analytics whenever you don’t want it.

folder categorization

The Setting of the Download Path and Quality

When you download photos or videos by downloaders, that media is stored automatically in storage, making it frustrating to deal with. But Instander allows us to set the path of downloads where you can quickly view them later whenever you want.
The app permits you to customize the downloading quality. Also, enjoy it when watching live.

wide search

Wide Search Content

With IGTV, you can explore popular and trending videos, follow your favorite celebrities, and enjoy exciting content. Discover a wide range of topics, from DIY and travel to food, art, styles, TV, and movies. There’s something for everyone to learn and be amazed by.

Ads Customization

You become distressed when you are watching videos and one or two ads run while watching videos. This irritates me again and again. There is no facility for ad blockage on official Instagram. But the mod APK version offers you to disable or enable the ads running.
Ads not only drain the battery but consumes data when you have limited data. Open the settings in the Instander App and click on privacy in the popup menu. Allow the “disable ads” option. You will not get any more distractions.

instander mod apk update-min
incognito mode

Hide Message Receipts

When a random message comes to your DM, and you want to open and read the messages without letting know of the sender. This prevents others from making offensive comments. Disable the seen tick from settings and enjoy the feature.

Customization of Shared Posts

To make the images, videos, stories, etc., fascinating and attractive, quality, fonts, colors, background, etc., should be applied accordingly. Make content HD quality and use background templates and color effects inserted in APK. Customize your audience according to your content which is relevant.

Badge Verification

Instander app is come with another shocking feature which is that you can get the verification badge (Blur Tick) for free. Just fill the information in the given form and apply for the badge. Please note that fill all the data accurately.

instander apk for iphone-min


With this amazing app you can keep your backup for the unconditional happening. If accidently, you perform any activity which is not right you can restore you setting accordingly.


Save story to archive

If your device is low on storage, enable the feature to automatically save photos and videos in your archive, freeing up space. This provides added privacy since only you can access your account with a password, keeping intruders from accessing the saved media.
Additionally, you can save live videos to your archives, allowing you to revisit them for 30 days. During this time, only you have access to view these videos, giving you a way to enjoy them without occupying unnecessary space on your device.

instander current version-min
auto updates

Auto Updates

Like other mod version you don’t need to download the latest version from the website if there is any new version arrived. Just go to setting-> OTA Updates and enable it.


Pros and Cons


How to Download Instander APK Latest Version on Android?

Because the app is developed by a third party other than the official one, it cannot be downloaded from the play store. It would help if you had to download and install the latest version of APK from the web browser by following the mentioned steps;

  • Step 1:

First of all open your “settings” on android, scroll down to the “security” option and select the “unknown sources,” and enable it to download any app other than from the google play store. 

  • Step 2

Download the Instander APK file from the link which is given above.

  • Step 3

Go to browser’s downloads” option from the browser popup menu when it is downloaded.

instander apk download latest version-min
  • Step 4

The downloaded file will be there. Just click on the file, and you will be asked to install the APK.

instander apk features instander benefits-min
  • Step 5

By just clicking on the install option, the installation process is completed, and now you can use the app by logging in to your existing account or creating a new one. It is completely free and secure to use.

Note: If you download the Unclone version of Instander app, then you should need to uninstall the previous install Instagram. No need to uninstall the Instagram for CLONE Version.

How to Install Instander APK on PC?

To install the mod version of Instagram, you must install an “Android emulator” on your PC. I use “Bluestacks” and think it is the best emulator to install the apps and run faster. Just follow the below steps to download Bluestacks and then the APK.

  • Step 1

So, the first step is to “install the Bluestack program .”Go to your web browser and search for the “Bluestacks websites.” The file is mega-size, so it will take time to run the program.

  • Step 2

After installing the emulator, again go to the search bar in your web browser, and search for the APK you want to download.

  • Step 3

If you haven’t another android emulator on your PC, the downloaded file will automatically open in the Bluestacks app launcher.

  • Step 4

Click twice on the APK file to start the installation process. Now the app is successfully installed and ready to use without fear of data loss.

How do you enable Ghost mode in Instander APK?

The most lovable and used feature of the Instander App is its Ghost Mode. To use the Ghost Mode properly and enable it, follow the below instructions to enable the Ghost Mode:

  • Open your Instander app.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Press the Hamburger Menu. 
  • Click on the Instander App Settings. 
  • Navigate the Ghost Mode and press it. 
  • In Ghost Mode, four options are available. 
  • Enable it by turning it on. 
  • You can choose from the four options given. 
  • Just come back and entertain yourself. 

How to Fix Instander APK Crashing Errors?

Instander App may face some crashing errors, and people may complain about it often. But it can be used by just doing a few steps:

  • Firstly, your phone’s storage may be low. Due to overload, these types of errors may occur. Clean some unnecessary data to get enough space. 
  • You should use the latest versions for improved performance. 
  • Users may remove the cache and sign in again on the app. 
  • If there is no difference even after cache cleanup, then you may clear the app data. 
  • Your RAM may be full, which needs to be improved to run the application. 
  • Your issues will be resolved after practicing the above steps. If you still need to do more, just contact the developers. 


Instander mod APK is the mod version of Instagram that contains fantastic new features that are lacking in the official one—downloading features, customization of posts, and activity on the Instander account. Data analytics is its unique feature. Create friends, chat groups, and business groups to promote business and earn more revenue.

Yes, such apps are developed to run on android devices smoothly. But it can be installed on iOS/iPhones by installing an android emulator on iOS devices. Dalvik emulator is one of the best emulators for iPad or iPhone. To install such APK files, firstly download emulators, then browse the emulator to the destination where you copied the app file.
Now double click on the APK file to install it. After the installation process, you can open the android app store on the emulator to get the app of your choice.

This app is not available on the play store. You can download it by clicking on the download button mentioned above and for installation, you need to follow the procedure described above. 

Yes, it is free to use with advanced features.

Yes, it is safe and secured. Access all its features and don’t be afraid of losing data.

Yes, it is a mod version of Instagram having more features and benefits.

Instander is a mod version of Instagram with the addition of a lot of features. I prefer Instander due to its advanced features that are not present in the original.

You don’t need to worry about it, App will be automatically updated. You can enable this in the setting.


To increase your social media experience with advanced features, the Instander APK latest version is best. Live in touch with your friends, family members, and the whole world. Seek knowledge of the entire world in just a few seconds and remain updated with the world. Personalization and customization features make it more magnetic to spend time on this app.

So to enjoy all these anonymous features, download the latest version of the Instander by just clicking on the download button given above.

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