FanGenre APK – Get UNLIMITED Followers for Instagram v1.0.1

Social media is globally used to interact with the world. It is used to contact friends and family and update you about the universe’s happenings. Sports persons, politicians, and celebrities enhance their reputations and ideology using social media channels.

When we talk about the most installed and favorite application or site of social media for its users, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are at the top of the list. Instagram is the most used application due to its unique features. Its primary use is to advertise yourself or your business efficiently.

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App NameFanGenre APK
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For businesses or brands, generating followers in a short time period is the hot issue being faced. It demands that you create content perfectly and share yourself on other social media platforms. But it is a challenging task that you will get a high rank in search options.

To resolve your issue, multiple tools are developed by the developers to facilitate you in getting followers just by spending some time and earning coins. On accumulating a specific amount of coins, you will increase your followers and likes gradually.

What is FanGenre APK?

Fangenre is a third-party developed tool that enhances your Instagram followers gradually. As you know that every business wants to increase its followers. But it seems only possible as a newbie and new account creator with some quality content and paid promotions.

You can also see who is blocking you, who watches your stories, loves your posts a lot, who does not follow you back, and a lot of other information. You may use this app to find out anything that Instagram is keeping the secret from you. You can get further knowledge and make decisions on the development of your account using this.

FanGenre APK Features

Exclusive features of Fan Genre App is given below.

Other Interesting Features

  • Increases profile visits
  • Vit virals your videos.
  • Play hashtag games.
  • Check your friend’s Instagram account activities.
  • Unlock new secret features. (Paid)
  • Questions about new hashtags for recent posts.
  • Recommendations of virals contents

Get Likes and Followers

Fangenre increases your profile visitors, and your followers and likes on posts will gradually increase. You can earn coins daily and add up to 1000 followers.

Hot Hashtags Suggestions

On Instagram posts, it is crucial to use hashtags to attract users. But it is not a cup of tea to use the same hot or trending hashtags according to your post that will viral your content. Fangenre helps you by showing you which specific words can be used as hashtags, and people will search using that hashtags. If you are a new social media user and need to learn how to viral your content on Instagram, install the Fangenre application to assist you.

Instagram Account Statistics

We are curious about the stats of views, likes, and impressions when we use some social media sites. And you are aware of this thing that official sites do not have such features. Fangenre has the ability to represent these characteristics to you ultimately.

It tells you how many people have likes/dislikes, views, impressions, and insights you get daily, weekly, and monthly.

Check Followers/Un-followers Activities

Often, a person follows you and never likes or dislikes your post, or someone who doesn’t follow you likes your posts regularly. Also, on official, it is a lack that you can’t see who has blocked or unfollowed you.
Using the Fangenre application, it is easier to find all these options. It shows how many persons unfollow you, like your posts, and followers don’t like your publications.

Pros and Cons of Fan Genre


  • Safe Use
  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Permanent, authentic, and free followers.


  • Limited Increase in followers.
  • Coin-based, time-taking followers gain.

How does Fangenre increase my account followers and likes?

Fangenre has a simple interface and user experience. Its simple task is to increase followers and likes. You must collect coins on Fangenre using the mentioned way on the app.

After accumulating a certain amount of coins, you may apply for followers or posts likes(the specific post you want to increase likes). Then if you have collected the coins as per fan genre developers” recommendations, your followers or likes will undoubtedly be improved.

How can I install FanGenre APK on my Android device?

You will need to follow the instructions below in order to download the FollowMeter APK onto your Android smartphone since it is not presently accessible on the Google Play Store:

  • Launch the settings for your device and choose the option to allow installation from unknown sites. Select “Unknown Resources” from the “Permissions” section of the “Security” menu.
  • To download, choose the button located above.
  • There will be a download of the APK file. Find the file that you downloaded.
  • Do press that. You will be prompted to download and install the application.
  • After installation, you should sign in to your Instagram account.

Sum Up

Fangenre is a wonderful software that allows you to monitor the insights of your Instagram account. Using it to help brand your company might be beneficial if you are an entrepreneur. Utilizing Further will not in any way compromise your safety or security.

You will be able to view the top posts on Instagram that get the most engagement if you use this. You have the ability to track down your unseen fans and followers. Doing so will assist in locating the Instagram accounts that have been blocked from your account.


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