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If you are an Instagram user and wanna know each and every activity happening on your insta accounts in numbers. But there are mods versions of Instagram that are developed yet can clearly show us the complete analytical numbers.

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But a third party has developed an app that can check your profile stats like the top most liked post, top most comments posts, who follow you and when he unfollows you, and who you are tracking, but they are not doing so.

Everyone uses social media nowadays. It’s the finest approach to communicating globally. Play store has several social networking applications. Social media provides globalization-era updates.

Instagram is a popular social app. It has 100 billion downloads due to its unique characteristics. Due to a lack of an official Instagram, third parties devised a replacement.

What is FollowMeter APK?

Followmeter APK is a third-party devised app that can check Instagram account insights. You can use this app to get the information you need from your Instagram account. You can see your unfollowers here since you’ll get notifications whenever someone unfollows you.

In addition, you can check who is blocking you, who watches your stories, who likes your posts a lot, who is not following you back, and many other things. You may use this app to see what Instagram is hiding from you. With this, you may learn more and decide how to develop your account.

Followmeter APK Features

Other Interesting Features

  • ┬áTrack unfollowers.
  • See your top likers.
  • See your secret admirers
  • Detect who is not following you back.
  • See which posts got most engagement.
  • See who viewed your stories but is not a follower (For public accounts).
  • See who views your stories the most.
  • Discover who your ghost followers are.
  • Track your accounts engagement with our “Activity Meter”
  • Track who blocked your account.
  • Add your account to our discover section to get more exposure.
followmeter apk features
download followmeter apk latest version

Instagram Insights

We may use the internet for various activities, including surfing social networking sites like Instagram. You may register, follow, unfollow, and publish videos and photos on this site. However, FollowMeter is now required if you want to know more about your account.

With the help of this app, you may see the statistics for your Instagram profiles. There is specific analytics available inside the app itself. However, these are only some of them. However, this software will let you know when someone stops following you and even identify them!

The users who don’t follow you back, the people who see your stories the most, the top likers, the hidden admirers, the silent followers, and much more information are also available to you

Trace Secret Admirers

Using this application will help you trace the Instagram account of persons who like and comment on your posts but don’t follow you. This app is perfect for entrepreneurs, celebrities, and everyday users wishing to expand their Instagram following. You may now take full use of Instagram thanks to this app!

Secret Story Viewers

As you know that everyone on the Instagram account can view anyone’s reels. There is no condition of following that user in order to view the stranger’s profile s story on Instagram. The official app has a facility for checking the story viewers. They only show numbers who have seen the report.

But using the Followmeter APK, they will give the numbers separately, who follows you and views your Instagram story and who doesn’t follow but view your stories. That will be more than fun for daily Instagram users.

Top Most Analytics Of Posts

Businessmen, celebrities, influencers or brands want to check which products or snaps the audience likes the posts. They also want to know which position has the most comments from the audience. The Official Instagram app has a deficiency in checking all these stats. But you can view all these numbers via FollowMeter. You can consider which post has the most likes, comments and views. 

You can also analyse who likes your posts mostly and who has the most comments.

How Can I download the FollowMeter APK on my Android device?

Since it is not currently available on the Google Play Store, you will need to follow the steps below to download the FollowMeter APK onto your Android device:

  • Open your device settings and enable installation from unknown resources. Menu>Settings>Security>Permissions>Unknown Resources
  • Click on the Download button Above.
  • The APK file will be downloaded. Locate the downloaded file.
  • Press that. You will be asked to install the app. 
  • After the installation process is completed, log in to your Instagram account. 

Wrap Up

Followmeter is a fantastic app with the features of checking your Instagram account insights. It can help in your business branding if you are an entrepreneur. Furthur will be entirely safe and secure to use. Using this, you may see the top most engaged posts on instagram. You may trace your secret admirers and unfollowers. It may help find the accounts that have blocked your Instagram account.


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