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Hoinsta APK Download Latest v8.2 For Android [OFFICIAL 2024]

Do you want To enjoy Various Themes and UI Interfaces? Are you tired of the limitations and restrictions on the official Instagram page and want to eliminate them with something extraordinary? Be happy, Hoinsta APK. It has remarkable features and fantastic theme integration. 

Hoinsta Apk, the updated version of The original Instagram Application, is a reel and Media-sharing social media site. It is emerging As one of the Finest applications due to Advance Options. Instagram APK version Hoinsta users may change the Chat theme, Application UI, App lock And many other Unofficial But Attractive Options. To enhance your Instagram experience, you must install the Honesta That Boost your Interest and entertainment.

The entertainment industry on the internet is enriched by massive traffic from social media sites. Instagram has Millions of users, and people spend thousands of precious moments on this platform. Due to the absence of some features, customers may switch to other social media sites. Modded versions are designed to engage those users on the Instagram app so that they can use their favourite social media platform, Instagram. The blog post will give you the complete tutorial for this Honesta Modded version.

Additional Information

APK NameHoinsta APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
Size 79Mbs
Current Versionv8.2
Android Version7.0 or up
Permissions Required79
Updated Date1 Day Ago

What is Hoinsta APK?

The Hoinsta app is considered the modded version of the official Instagram, which was developed by third-party developers who added many features that are not present in the official version. This APK Hoinsta version enhances your interest and engagement to the best possible level. 

You don’t need to install Any other third-party apps to download media from Instagram to local storage. Also, it consumes less data and has customizing features for photos and videos while sharing or uploading them to your profile. The users of Instagram focus on their entertainment reels and feeds without any restrictions on advertisements. 

Instagram users May Change the theme design and colour If they have Installed Honista. Although it is unofficial, some users may Have concerns about security And safety. Millions of users are using this app, and it Is considered safe because it has no malware or pishing effects.

Hoinsta APK features

hoinsta apk

As an Abbreviated overview Of the Hoinsta app discussed Above, their detailed Features are Mentioned in the below section:

app customization

Fully Customizable:

The Honsita App has an utterly customizable package with new and advanced tools. The users can change the interface’s colours, font style colour, and emojis edition, enable the turn off of night and dark mode, create a conversational background, customise emojis, control the font, etc. None of the other websites can provide such a Distinctive Type of customization.

ghost mode

Ghost Mode

Honsita has Applied Advanced Controls Options to make the Honesta application More disturbance-free.  Instagram users May See the Conversation messages Without Showing Others that they have seen them. You can also watch the stories Without sending any notification to the Stories uploader. If there is a live broadcast, you may join it and listen to all the broadcasts without showing your appearance.

secret keeping features

Privacy & Security Concerns

Hoinsta Apk provides you with Serious and possible Privacy options. With improved privacy and security services, they will encrypt Your conversations and data when you are communicating with others. Millions of Hoinsta users depend on this Apk version. They have a strong mindset of privacy principles, which You will Enjoy the following Privacy Concerns. 
The user may customize the application icon and hide or unhide the hidden chat icon on the toolbar. You may also Hide Or unhide The conversation notification. You may also apply a Fingerprint or PIN code To lock the conversations. They also give you control over hiding or unhiding the conversations when unlocking the Conversations list. An inbuilt lock option helps secure your app with password or Fingerprint locks. The app will be Automatically locked When you set a timer. You may also hide the app lock icon on the toolbar.


Regular Updates

Hoinsta Developer Is always engaged with the Application And Updates New and advanced features after a regular period. With every update, You will enjoy The most advanced features of the Honista. It is often updated to fix bugs or resolve any issues. You may check the updates regularly in the “About Honista” section of Hoinsta Settings. When you click on it, you will get the latest updates.


Advanced and Professional Tools

Hoinsta developer has an integrated, Built-In set of Tools and add-ons. These tools May be used to Perform actions Easily. Before combining these advanced Tools, You have to spend hours editing or customizing Media. Your productivity was Reduced Too much. In this latest version, they added a “magic wand icon,” available on every post. 
You can customize and control the post Entirely. With these advanced and professional tools, users Can download the media with just one click. They may also open a mobile player that will help you play videos with the player on your phone. With these advanced tools, you can download the post cover that appears in the background. If you want to repost your previous post, you can do it with just one click, and all your post details will be shared. The user may easily Copy the Caption of the post.

no ads

Content and Ad Controls

The Hoinsta developer has installed unique features that customize the preference options for ads and media posts. The users may Streamline the Feeds and activity. By turning on or off the Ads and Content Control option, you may remove Ads and suggestions like Sponsored ads, suggested posts, and suggested Pages. You will also be able to activate anti-ads and advertisers. Later, you may also see the list of anti-ads and advertisers.

Low Internet Using App

Less Internet Data Consumption

For Instagram users with fewer data, The Hoinsta has also considered Issues. Upload or download Pictures in low quality. The same applies to the Video or story upload or download options. You may even customize The browsing And Feeds, which may contain high-quality Videos and pictures. You may delete the Video containing posts. It will reduce your Data consumption and Boost your Data consumption time So that You can get more engagement and entertainment with Limited data.

folder categorization

Folders Categorization

When you download the media, this app creates a separate folder, or you may also create a new one. You may find it quickly, and it will also make a collection of your albums. The topics can be categorized into images and videos based on different interests.

Additional Features

  • Quick access To see posts and reels.
  • Lightweight application
  • Create albums or folders 📂 
  • Magic Wand Button on each post
  • Copy bio of others
  • Professional and advanced tools are at your fingertips.
  • Zoom in/out of the profile picture 
  • Back-up set up
  • Custom chat background 
  • One-click post details display
  • Autoplay turn on/off 
  • Increase the story’s expiration time by up to 48 hours
  • ultra-privacy options
  • Media downloading facilities 
  • Fewer data consumption customizable 
  • Copying the comments and bios
  • Hide/unhide your username while viewing others’ stories.
  • In-built AppLock 
  • Multiple fonts, Styles and sizes
  • Complicated privacy set-up
  • Customizable feeds and story options
  • Bugs fixed.

How do I download the Hoinsta APK from my Android device?

As we mentioned earlier, it is unofficial, But you know if Instagram. So, it is not available on the Play Store. You have to follow the following instructions: To get the app installed on your Android device:

  •  Open your Android device and click on the Android settings.
  • Browse for the “security options” and allow the “unknown sources” to download this APK file.
  • Then, open our website and click the “download button” above.
  • After completing the apk file download, click on it.
  • A pop-up will appear.
  • Press the install button and download the Hoinsta APK.
  • After installation, log in or create a new Instagram account, and enjoy the party.

Why is the Honsita Apk better than the official or other Apk versions?

On the official version of Instagram, various features still need to be included. Customers always look forward to enjoying and getting entertainment from the advanced features. They demand more productivity, advanced features, and saving time & effort. So, in those terms, Honesta Apk is better than the official Instagram and other APK versions. The following bullets will clear your thoughts about Hoinsta Apk Credibility as compared to others:

  • It has fixed all the unknown bugs.
  • It has millions of downloads due to its advanced features. 
  • It consumes Fewer data.
  •  It is a very lightweight Application And is easy to use.
  •  No registration is required to use this app.
  •  More than 50 Themes are Available.
  •  There is a complete customization package that meets your requirements.


Does Hoinsta APK work with Official applications?

The users may Install and use the Honest APK Alongside The official Instagram. It will not cause any Restriction.

Has the Honsita application caused a ban on using Instagram?

Using the Hoinsta application will not change your official Instagram account. You may use it without any hesitation.

Is the Hoinsta application available for iPhones?

This application is designed for Android, so unfortunately, it is unavailable for installation and usage on iPhones or iOS.

Is it safe to use the Hoinsta Apk on my Android device?

Although it is a third-party app, it is still A safe and Secure one, so you should not be worried About your data or personal information being exposed.

Is hoinsta APK free to download?

There is no premium subscription. Further Instagram account usage is on the Hoinsta app. It is entirely free.

Why can’t I Install the Hoinsta app?

Hoinsta App download fails because of the lack of device storage and incompatibility with your Android device connection. Kindly See the minimum requirements for downloading the Hoinsta app.

How can I save photos and albums from the Onista app to my device?

On each Media Post, There is a Magic Wand button. You must click on it to download the images or videos to local storage.


Honsita APK is the official version of the original Instagram Platform developed by the Unofficial developers. This application has additional features compared to the original one. That’s why millions of people have downloaded it On their devices. It is compatible only with Android devices, and luckily, it is not available for iOS or PC. 

It has astounding features like downloading media, complete customisable options, multiple themes, Ad and content control, ghost mode, security controls, a magic button, enlarging the profile picture, and many others. Its downloading process is Mentioned above in our blog post. This Hoinsta app is free; you can use it without fear of losing your personal or professional data. 

We hope you will be amazed at the content about Honsita that has been published. You will download it to your Android device using the above download button. 

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