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Download GB Instagram APK Latest v6.0 for Android

Do you want to see a full-screen preview of the Instagram posts? Are you searching for an Instagram mod with advanced features like media multiple accounts login, drag/swipe options, ghost mode, or many other customizing and editing tools lacking in the official version of the Instagram app? 

If you want to enjoy all the customized features, there is no better option than GB Instagram APK. It is one of the best and most advanced developed applications to make the users’ experience at a very peak level. Its built-in app lock, media downloading option, starred messages, auto translator, media players, and other unique features can be enjoyed after logging in to your account. 

The Instagram app is the most used and is more enjoyable for all of the trending social media sites mentioned above. But in the official one, there are some lacks of features. These lacks are fulfilled through modified versions of the app. Gb Insta is one of those mod apps. It has many features like downloading videos/photos, previewing pictures, group creating, etc.

Additional Information

APK NameGB Instagram
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
DeveloperAtnafs Hoaks
Size 54MBs
Current Versionv6.0
RequirementAndroid v4.1 or Up
Updated Date2 Hours Ago

What’s New Added in GB Instagram?

  • 50+ fonts are available now.
  • A download button has been added.
  • Mark messages with star also called starred messages.
  • Auto translator
  • The media in the gallery will be saved once due to Anti-repeat saving media.
  • Can use two Instagram at a time
  • Extra Customized themes
  • You may view other’s stories without adding their view count.
  • You may hide your online presence on Instagram.
  • Zoom Options
  • You can customized the theme colors.
  • Notifications Count
  • Developer settings may be opened.
  • Copy Description [WORKING]
  • Starred Messages
  • Upgraded setting layout.
  • Theme issues fixed
  • Turn the background audio track on/off.
  • Bugs and crashes are fixed in developer settings.

What is GB Instagram APK?

GB Instagram is the mod version of the official Instagram app having more unique features to enhance user experience and enjoyment. As you know, Instagram has some lacks that irritate the user. These are fulfilled by developing the GB Instagram by a third party with millions of downloaders.

You can download pictures/videos/reels/stories, which was not an option on Insta official. Customize your profile, and edit the photos and videos before uploading. You can preview your posts before final uploads. Create friends chat groups and followers groups to share particular things you want.

You can use multiple accounts at a time using the Gb Instagram mod APK. A unique feature of this app is that it supports external media players. You can zoom in/up on the profile pictures.

If you want to share something special with a particular community, create a group of that specific followers, then share the material with the application of the customization function. Along with many other features to use and explore, download the app from the given link.

GB Instagram APK Features

The main updated GB Instagram features are discussed below with screenshots:

Recently Added New Features

  • Take screenshots easily.
  • Hide viewed stories discreetly.
  • Disable swiping between apps.
  • Solve theme loading problems effectively.
  • Translate comments into preferred languages.
  • Copy others’ comments.
  • Share images, links, and videos effortlessly.
  • Automatically play video audio.
  • Copy descriptions conveniently.
  • See notification count.
  • Use two Instagram accounts on one phone without rooting.
gb instagram apk download latest version
multiple accounts

Multiple Accounts

Many people use more than one account to feel comfortable managing their personal and professional life. If you are running a business or brand, your customer community snatches more attraction than your friends and family. So to avoid this juggling of these messages, you can use the dual account function on the GB Instagram mod to manage things easily.

download media

Downloading of Media Files

In the original account of Instagram, you can not download the media. So you have to install third-party downloaders or take screenshots or screen recorders to share it with someone. This takes much time and attention in editing and other things.
So it is more convenient to download a GB Instagram APK that has a built-in function of downloading media files by just clicking download options available.

unfollow tracker

Unfollow Tracker

In this apk verison, users will be notified if any activity occurs on the followers’ side. If they unfollow your account, a notification will shown.

gb instagram features-gb instagram benefits
Zoom in and out of the profile picture.

Full Screen Preview of Posts

When you have customized your post, you may want to look at it to see how it will be visible to the viewers. So you can use the built-in function of “preview.” GB Instagram enhances users’ interest and improves the app’s experience.

external video player

External Player Supported

The original version of Instagram does not have the facility of playing videos with different video players. Gb mod Instagram APK has the feature of using external media players to view the videos on Instagram. How you can get this feature? the answer is, Click on three dots to pop up the menu and select the option preview; you will see the media player option. Select your own choice.

gb instagram pro apk download 2022
auto translator

Built in Auto-Translator

If your interaction is of international level, as there will be people of different languages who may not understand the English or if they comment or message you in their native language. It is a big issue to copy the comment or text and use google to translate things. This wastes your precious time. So there is a built-in option of auto-translating words or texts that saves you much time in understanding the message.

ghost mode

Ghost Mode

When you want to hide your presence from the public and you also want to watch their activities, there is a unique option of ghost mode so that you manage your friends’ activity and hide from viewing their posts or reading messages.
When someone inbox you, you do not see the message. You may watch stories of others on GB Instagram but don’t click on the double tick. This will hide your viewership from your follower timeline.
You must select “ghost mode” from the advanced settings menu. Anyone whose activities you watch is not tracking or otherwise aware of your presence as a watcher.

gb instagram themes
app customization

Customization of Posts and Audience

Suppose something you share is understandable and enjoyable for a particular group of your followers or something unique. GB Instagram’s latest mod APK version has a feature of customization of the viewership by creating a group of your followers and sharing with them that particular thing.
Also, you may want to customize your posts before uploading to make them more eye-catching and fascinating. Editing, light effects, background music or picture, sound effects, color changes, etc., may be functioned in just a few clicks.

starred messages

Starred Messages

We often have a meaningful conversations with our friends or clients, which may work later. But due to the hundreds of messages in the chat, we became frustrated to find out that. But in the latest mod version of Instagram, you can mark the message which might be found out quickly and save time.

gb instagram apk latest version-min
anti ban

Anti Banned

Because the GB Instagram APK mod is a third-party developed app, and you cannot download it from the play store, you may think it unsafe to use. It is a fact that many apps don’t fulfill your security and privacy concerns and steal your private information. But GB Instagram mod latest version is safe and doesn’t damage your personal information and account.
Instagram algorithms may detect your account being used in mod version apps, but it has an anti-ban feature, so your account will be completely safe.

slide to open camera

Theme Customization

If you are fatigued with using one theme color of Instagram, it is interesting for you to use the theme customization feature in GB Instagram latest version. This will make your usage of Insta more comfortable.

gb instagram app download apk

Whats Difference between Official WhatsAPP and GB WhatsAPP?

The official Instagram app, which is developed and maintained by Facebook, is a popular choice among social media users because it offers a wide range of features. You can share photos and videos, send direct messages, post stories and even watch IGTV. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, which is a plus.

One downside of the official Instagram app is that there aren’t many customization options available. This means that if you’re someone who wants to personalize your experience, you might not find the official app to be suitable for you.

GBInstagram, on the other hand, offers some extra features that are not available on the official app, like the ability to view stories anonymously, save stories and posts to your device’s gallery, repost content from your feed, and check if someone follows you. It also provides more customization options, such as the ability to change the app icon and theme.

However, one thing to note is that since GBInstagram is not an official app, it may pose some security risks. It requires access to certain permissions in order to work properly. Therefore, it’s important to consider these factors before deciding which app to use for your Instagram experience.

Anonymous Story View
Save Story/Posts
Repost from Feed
Follow Back Check

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • More feature-rich than official Instagram app
  • Ability to copy post text and download stories, images, and videos
  • Multiple account support
  • Anonymous story viewer


  • Not an official app
  • Data security and privacy concerns
  • Slightly slower than official app
  • May contain bugs if not regularly updated.

How to Download GB Instagram APK Latest Version on Android?

Usually, android devices do not permit the installation of apps developed by third parties because of data security risks. But it can be installed by just following a few steps:

  • Step 1:

The first step is to go to your “setting” app and look for the “security option.” Then click on it. Secondly, there will be an option of permission from “unknown sources.” Please enable it.

gb instagram mod apk
  • Step 2:

Download the APK file from the Link which is given above. It will take a few seconds to download the APP file. 

  • Step 3:

Open downloads in your browser, and the downloaded APK file will be there. Click on it; the install option will appear; tap on it.

install gb instagram
  • Step 4:

It will take a few seconds to install. Open the app, log in to your account, or create a new one.

gb instagram black mod apk

Permission Required in GB Instagram APK

To download the GB Instagram APK file and access all its features, specific permissions from users are necessary. These permissions include:

  • Terminate background tasks.
  • Allow internet access.
  • Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Grant access to camera and microphone.
  • Permissions for NFC.
  • Enable device location.
  • Access to contacts.
  • Permission to record audio.
  • Send SMS.
  • Permission to use map services.


GB Instagram is the advanced mod version of the original Instagram with many new features to explore and enjoy. It has multiple account access, downloading media files, previewing posts, customization of posts and themes, etc.

Yes, it is safe to use. There is no risk of stealing your personal information or the threat of losing data.

Yes, it is free to install and use the GB Instagram mod. Its all features are unlocked. You can use it without any cost.

As a third-party developed app, it is unavailable on the play store to download. It is only available on google browsers. The process of downloading and installation is mentioned above. So you can follow the above procedure to install the app.

Generally APK files are not supported by the PC and MacBook. For installation, you need to install android emulator on your pc. With the emulator, you may download and set up any software on your computer, including Instagram GB.

Required Permissions:

  • Internet access
  • Access device location
  • Access WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, microphone, and NFC

Optional Permissions:

  • Kill background tasks
  • Get accounts
  • Read and write contacts
  • Modify audio settings
  • Record audio
  • Send SMS
  • Vibrate
  • Write external storage
  • Use maps services

However, third-party applications other than Play Store are risky, and security concerns exist. But don’t worry about getting banned due to the anti-ban feature in the case mentioned above.

The only requirement for using the GB Insta APK is that the device must be Android 4.0+.

There will be no effect on your account or data if you update it. Only the app’s new additions or channels will updated.

It is not available on the IOS device. It is only for the Android device.

Surely, Users can use both the official and APK versions on one device at the same time.

Final Words

Concluding that, the GB Instagram APK is the latest version of the original Instagram with additional features that were not present in the Instagram app. Using Gb Insta, you can download media files like videos, photos, stories, etc. The facility of hiding your presence from your followers is a fantastic feature through which you can see others’ activities without letting them know about it.

It has the function of customization of posts and profiles along with public targeting. It means you have complete control over your posts and comments. General viewership can be customized according to your choice by creating groups. It has multiple account usage facilities. Theme color customization makes it more attractive and fascinating to use Instagram.

Instagram GB has multi-injected new features that improve your experience and make your time more entertaining. Business profiles can be set up, and brands can be promoted quickly.

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